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3 Mar

I have decided i want to do a normal lifestyle blog so i have moved to ..



Carex Hand Sanitiser ( is this entertainment?)

2 Mar

This isnt the usual thing i blog about but i like having germ free hands and a germ free family and i am going to share with you a review on carex sanitiser.

As you can see above are some of the different kinds of sanitizers carex use.My personal fave would have to be the aloe Vera,it soothes your skin and leaves such a lovely fresh clean smell upon your hand.But there are lots of other kinds.A splash gel:specially formulated for kids it is a normal bacterial gel but it best suits kids.Normal gel:This is just a gel that cleans 99.9% of bacteria.And there are many more.

In a summary you can take it anywhere it is like soap but no water needed !

don’t worry were still here …

1 Mar

As im a student i have been very busy the past week but you will get a blog post each day. The time i have had has been looking at others blogs and some of the posts you are making are outstanding!!


I dont really like having favourite blogs but i can reccomend a few of the top of my head:Its me cessiey, Madame Gourmand,FAB, and amileinheels !!!


The first post will come out tomorrow !!

I.Pad 2

24 Feb

As you can see this is the famous apple I.PAD 2. When you first get the gadget you will have quite a few of compulsory apps.And those of you who don’t know what a app is its short for a application so games mail ect.I am now going to tell you all of the compulsory apps then i will explain in more detail about each app.Compulsory Apps: mail,music,safari,photos,i.tunes,messages,settings,photo booth,maps,game centre,contacts,calender,notes,app store,camera,reminders,news time and i books.So quite a lot there !

Ok so like i said now is the time to explain every app in more detail.Mail:You can add unlimited addresses and receive your e-mails wherever you are.Music:You can add music from your iPod or buy songs from i tunes store.Safari:This is just the apple internet.Photos:These show you the pictures that you have taken from your camera and photo booth. I tunes: This is how you buy songs to put on any of your apple devices.Messages: Because the ipad isn’t the i phone you cant ring or text people.But apple have made a app which allows you to only text other ipad or iPhone users.Settings: You can edit however many apps you have.Photo Booth: You can have fun taking pictures it has a tall squash button and many more! Maps: They are a bit like Google maps you have a street view option and direction so it is also like a sat nav two! Game Centre:Any game bought its easy access from here.There are other apps but they are obvious what they do.

This is my case which keeps the i pad resistant from getting scratched.I also have a red one but i prefer the black.It is made of leather and has a lovely strap.Look at apple website to see some of there other products and even the ipad http://store.apple.com/uk?afid=p219%7CGOUK&cid=OAS-UK-KWG-GO_UK_Sitelinks_Apple-U


Simply delicious …

23 Feb

That looks delicious

Brush, Needle & Whisk

I was looking forward to baking a cake today and I chose my husband’s favourite: Victoria Sandwich Cake. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, an amazing kind of baking alchemy takes place when the simple ingredients are combined with the straightforward instructions:

Here’s the recipe:

225g margarine

225g caster sugar

225g self-raising flour

4 eggs

seeds from 1 vanilla pod

2 tsp baking powder

Using the ‘all in 1 method‘, put all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix well. Divide between 2 prepared baking tins and bake in an oven, pre-heated to 180 C, for about 25 minutes, or until the middle of each cake is firm but springy to the touch.

Once the cakes are out of the oven and have cooled on a wire rack, sandwich them together with your choice of filling. Today, I used raspberry jam and buttercream made with…

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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

22 Feb

Freddie Highmore plays Charlie Bucket a kind and generous boy who lives with his mother, father and 4 grandparents that stay in the house’s only bed all day and all night.Charlie must live on the same diet everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner which consists of cabbage soup cabbage soup and of course cabbage soup!Charlie and his family are very poor his mum and grandparents don’t work and his dad only works in a toothpaste factory screwing on tops on toothpaste bottles.But as the technology to date is growing the factory decided to install a machine that automaticly screws on the tops for you!So obviously Charlie’s dad has lost his Job. 

Every day that Charlie goes to school he passes a humongous chocolate factory  who by his grandpa has been told many stories about indeed.It is run  by the one and only Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp).He smells the rich lovely warm scented chocolate smell that you can feel running down your throat.Willy Wonka’s factory has been closed for years because there were secret spy’s working for other chocolatiers trying to steal wonka’s secret recipes.30 years later in Charlie’s time Wonka decides he will let 5 children look around his factory!But its not that simple each person must find a golden ticket in one of wonkas scrumptious chocolate bars  so remember 5 in the whole world! 
The first four tickets were found by (in ascending order) Augustus Gloop: A greedy, fat ,boy from Germany. Verruca Salt: a spoilt,ungrateful girl from England.Violet Beauregarde: A competitive gum chewing Champion from Georgia,Atlanta.And Mike T.V: A mumbling T.V obsessed Boy who loves video games from America.The last golden Ticket is at large and everybody is searching for it.With rumours of a wealthy boy in Russia getting the last golden ticket Charlie’s hopes of going to the factory goes down.It’s not until Charlie is walking home from school and finds a 10 pound note in the snow he automaticly goes to buy one of wonka’s  scrummy chocolate bars! And yes you ghessed it he gets the final golden ticket! 
It comes to the 1st of February and Charlie is waiting patiently for the doors to open  with his Grandpa Joe who actually decided to get up and go to the factory with Charlie because he was so excited because he was a ex worker for Wonka before he closed down.Mr Wonka Finally comes outside and greets everyone inside his factory to start the tour.When the first start of the tour takes place they are in the sweet room which is a bit like heaven and of course Augustus Gloop will be doing something he shouldnt and what it is that he is eating some chocolate out of the chocolate river and because the river is flowing very fast he falls in but he cant swim!! Next after SOMETHING happens to Agustus Gloop we are left with Charlie,Violet,Verruca and Mike Wonka shows everyone the boat that goes all along the chocolate river once there journey progresses they arrive at the invention room.When they actually go in Wonka says “you can look but no touching” Once wonka has given the children time to look around he calls them over to a plain machine no one knows what it does until they see the end result which is gum.Of course Violet will go over she puts it straight in her mouth before she did that wonka told everyone it is not just everyday gum it is a 3 course meal starts with Tomato soup then Roast Beef and potatoes and finally blueberry pie.Wonka is continuisly warning her to spit it out but she dosent listen.. 
After Violets GONE we are left with Charlie,Verruca and Mike.When they continue there journey they come to the nut room they see a circle of squirrels all lined up testing nuts to see if there good or bad.If there good they go in the good pile but if there bad they go down the shoot.But knowing verruca she straight away asked for a squirrel her dad asked to Wonka again and  again what price he said the same thing there not for sale.Verruca wont take no for a answer so she went to get one herself.As she was picking up the squirrel all of them got of there stools and attacked her pulling her towards the shute…
Now that Verruca left we now have Charlie and Mike.Willy decided to show them his most spectacular invention yet his great glass elevator he says it goes sideways lengthways any way you can think of.Mike picks of course T.V room when they go in Wonka makes everyone were protective glasses because in this room there are lots of bright lights.Wonka Shows them the transportation device that makes something go into a tv and he did it with a chocolate bar but mike wants to do it with himself… 
Look all i can now say is i cant give away the ending enjoy the film i really hope you do!!!!!

The Worst Thing About My Sister

19 Feb

This novel is written by Jaqueline Wilson a award winning children’s author who writes about life and family issues.This particular book is about  completely different sisters one is called Melissa who is a complete girlie girl and adores make-up and celebrity’s but on the other hand her sister Martina or (Marty) which everyone calls her is a complete tomboy and hates ANYTHING girlie she loves playing with her animals and hiding in her Marty den and bunk beds! But when mums sewing business started growing she needs a sewing room and in order to do that she must use marty’s room. Both sisters absolutley despise this idea and they scream and shout because they no opposites don’t work well in the same room….

This book is fun and exiting and it is in a English format and is recommended for 9-12 year olds. It ends with explanations from Jacqueline about sisters with ,extracts from double act and my sister Jodie. And a few sister stories that Jacqueline loved when she was a child !