Nokia C3 Phone

14 Feb

The Nokia C3 phone comes in 3 different colours gold, dark grey and pink.This phone offers a list or grid on the menu settings and on the menu you have messaging were you can create a message,check your inbox,check your conversations,check your sent items and chat on talk, ovi, yahoo or windows live.Contacts you can store unlimited contacts ,add new contacts easily,check your call log (received calls,missed,dialled and all calls) Games automaticly you have bounce tales and blocked but you can buy or get free games from the ovi store.

This phone offers internet and is a fast connection that works wherever you travel.You can check your mail incredibly speedy with the mail app which is already on your phone you can add unlimited addresses on this which keeps you up to mail while on the go.The phone offers a calender which you can set reminders and notices in a virtual world.The Ovi store is automatically on your phone they offer media games ect (what you would use on your phone).There are settings which offer basic settings with a few surprises .they offer communities where you can access twitter and facebook quickly. And finally a good quality camera.

Please take time to research this thanks!


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