The Muppets

15 Feb

I went to see this film with no intended interest whatsoever the film started i thought oh no what am i doing what am i in for here, as soon as the film got into the second scene i really got into it from basically the start all the way to the very end, and all i can say is that i STRONGLY RECOMMEND this film to anyone couples, family ,on your own anyone  its not just for kids adults can equally enjoy it to.There isn’t an age range on this film and it isnt a cartoon it is real people and of course the famous MUPPETS it is staring Amy Adams and Jason Segel.

The story is that an evil oil miner is looking to destroy the muppet theatre. The muppets would never have known about this terrible happening if Walter and his brother Gary hadn’t gone to los Angeles to see the Muppet theatre and when they found out they went to get all of the other Muppets to do a final show to raise 10 million pounds and if they didn’t raise it the Muppets theatre would be demolished forever …

If you would like to suggest me a movie or a TV program to blog about feel free to ask me !


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