17 Feb

If you are into James Bond or simply just that spy theme this program is for you. It is about a girl named Sydney Bristow who works for SD6 which is a part of the CIA (central intelligence agency) or so she thought…

This program is a 15 and that age or above i would recommend to defiantly give this a go.Its full of mystery and that classy edge and at the end of each episode it leaves you on a humongous cliffhanger eg.Sydney is hanging on to the edge of a cliff  and you think in your mind what’s going to happen! I will tell you the way they make these cliffhangers! If you were basically asleep at 12.00 pm you would honestly watch another there that good.

At the very start of the whole 5 series you dont think in your mind it will be very good but seriously when you get into the show it is amazing.

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