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The Worst Thing About My Sister

19 Feb

This novel is written by Jaqueline Wilson a award winning children’s author who writes about life and family issues.This particular book is about  completely different sisters one is called Melissa who is a complete girlie girl and adores make-up and celebrity’s but on the other hand her sister Martina or (Marty) which everyone calls her is a complete tomboy and hates ANYTHING girlie she loves playing with her animals and hiding in her Marty den and bunk beds! But when mums sewing business started growing she needs a sewing room and in order to do that she must use marty’s room. Both sisters absolutley despise this idea and they scream and shout because they no opposites don’t work well in the same room….

This book is fun and exiting and it is in a English format and is recommended for 9-12 year olds. It ends with explanations from Jacqueline about sisters with ,extracts from double act and my sister Jodie. And a few sister stories that Jacqueline loved when she was a child !


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

16 Feb

Are there any mums out there who wants to see there children getting into reading? well i am sure there are! These books as you can see are books 1-6 of the diary of a wimpy kid series by Jeff Kinney.

These books are unisex and are suitable for 8-12 year olds i think if you buy this book and have a read of it with your children you will have a great time.

I have been doing some research on this book and skimmed through the pages and got enough information to tell you the plot of these stories without giving to  much away.These books are about a american collage boy named Greg Heffley he has 2 brothers a older brother called Rodrick and a younger Brother named Manny he dosent like either of them.The best way to describe every story is that each book has a lot of different adventures in them but also has a main plot story in every RULES this is about Greg and Rodrick getting revenge on each other and like the cover states Rodrick wins.

I hope you enjoy this book and i hope it has encouraged you to buy this i would love to hear your feedback!