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We are moving

3 Mar

I have decided i want to do a normal lifestyle blog so i have moved to ..


Carex Hand Sanitiser ( is this entertainment?)

2 Mar

This isnt the usual thing i blog about but i like having germ free hands and a germ free family and i am going to share with you a review on carex sanitiser.

As you can see above are some of the different kinds of sanitizers carex use.My personal fave would have to be the aloe Vera,it soothes your skin and leaves such a lovely fresh clean smell upon your hand.But there are lots of other kinds.A splash gel:specially formulated for kids it is a normal bacterial gel but it best suits kids.Normal gel:This is just a gel that cleans 99.9% of bacteria.And there are many more.

In a summary you can take it anywhere it is like soap but no water needed !

don’t worry were still here …

1 Mar

As im a student i have been very busy the past week but you will get a blog post each day. The time i have had has been looking at others blogs and some of the posts you are making are outstanding!!


I dont really like having favourite blogs but i can reccomend a few of the top of my head:Its me cessiey, Madame Gourmand,FAB, and amileinheels !!!


The first post will come out tomorrow !!

Nokia C3 Phone

14 Feb

The Nokia C3 phone comes in 3 different colours gold, dark grey and pink.This phone offers a list or grid on the menu settings and on the menu you have messaging were you can create a message,check your inbox,check your conversations,check your sent items and chat on talk, ovi, yahoo or windows live.Contacts you can store unlimited contacts ,add new contacts easily,check your call log (received calls,missed,dialled and all calls) Games automaticly you have bounce tales and blocked but you can buy or get free games from the ovi store.

This phone offers internet and is a fast connection that works wherever you travel.You can check your mail incredibly speedy with the mail app which is already on your phone you can add unlimited addresses on this which keeps you up to mail while on the go.The phone offers a calender which you can set reminders and notices in a virtual world.The Ovi store is automatically on your phone they offer media games ect (what you would use on your phone).There are settings which offer basic settings with a few surprises .they offer communities where you can access twitter and facebook quickly. And finally a good quality camera.

Please take time to research this thanks!

Welcome To Poppy’s Entertainment

14 Feb

I love entertainment! And that is the reason that i have decided to make a blog so that i can share my interests with the public.I love reviewing tv programs,Movies and books but what i also enjoy doing in my spare time is crafts so you will be seeing lots of pictures and explanations about all of the things i make.At the moment im making some beautiful sock monkeys which are basically cuddly toys that look like monkeys so i will show you them when they are finished! I love gadgets and lots of new tech you will be seeing a ipad or an i phone here and there just wait and see what i have got in store for you.Finally have a look at the contact me page you will find a way to reach me eg: feedback,offering products for me to blog about. Thank You! and enjoy my blog!