Just Dance 2

18 Feb

This Game is available on xbox,wii,and play station.This is very fun and uplifting.As you can see i own this game on the wii and i have to say it is a whole lot of fun!I have gone through all of the songs, and of course you're not going to like every single song on there are you? I seem to find some hard and some easy but anyhow i find with every single song i have i have a really good time playing this game with my family.This game really shows you different dance styles that you may or may not have ever tried eg: Bollywood,disco,jungle, Halloween,pop ect.You honestly will have a fantastic time try it out ! It could be a new family favourite.



17 Feb

If you are into James Bond or simply just that spy theme this program is for you. It is about a girl named Sydney Bristow who works for SD6 which is a part of the CIA (central intelligence agency) or so she thought…

This program is a 15 and that age or above i would recommend to defiantly give this a go.Its full of mystery and that classy edge and at the end of each episode it leaves you on a humongous cliffhanger eg.Sydney is hanging on to the edge of a cliff  and you think in your mind what’s going to happen! I will tell you the way they make these cliffhangers! If you were basically asleep at 12.00 pm you would honestly watch another there that good.

At the very start of the whole 5 series you dont think in your mind it will be very good but seriously when you get into the show it is amazing.

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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

16 Feb

Are there any mums out there who wants to see there children getting into reading? well i am sure there are! These books as you can see are books 1-6 of the diary of a wimpy kid series by Jeff Kinney.

These books are unisex and are suitable for 8-12 year olds i think if you buy this book and have a read of it with your children you will have a great time.

I have been doing some research on this book and skimmed through the pages and got enough information to tell you the plot of these stories without giving to  much away.These books are about a american collage boy named Greg Heffley he has 2 brothers a older brother called Rodrick and a younger Brother named Manny he dosent like either of them.The best way to describe every story is that each book has a lot of different adventures in them but also has a main plot story in every book.eg:RODRICK RULES this is about Greg and Rodrick getting revenge on each other and like the cover states Rodrick wins.

I hope you enjoy this book and i hope it has encouraged you to buy this i would love to hear your feedback!

The Muppets

15 Feb

I went to see this film with no intended interest whatsoever the film started i thought oh no what am i doing what am i in for here, as soon as the film got into the second scene i really got into it from basically the start all the way to the very end, and all i can say is that i STRONGLY RECOMMEND this film to anyone couples, family ,on your own anyone  its not just for kids adults can equally enjoy it to.There isn’t an age range on this film and it isnt a cartoon it is real people and of course the famous MUPPETS it is staring Amy Adams and Jason Segel.

The story is that an evil oil miner is looking to destroy the muppet theatre. The muppets would never have known about this terrible happening if Walter and his brother Gary hadn’t gone to los Angeles to see the Muppet theatre and when they found out they went to get all of the other Muppets to do a final show to raise 10 million pounds and if they didn’t raise it the Muppets theatre would be demolished forever …

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Nokia C3 Phone

14 Feb

The Nokia C3 phone comes in 3 different colours gold, dark grey and pink.This phone offers a list or grid on the menu settings and on the menu you have messaging were you can create a message,check your inbox,check your conversations,check your sent items and chat on talk, ovi, yahoo or windows live.Contacts you can store unlimited contacts ,add new contacts easily,check your call log (received calls,missed,dialled and all calls) Games automaticly you have bounce tales and blocked but you can buy or get free games from the ovi store.

This phone offers internet and is a fast connection that works wherever you travel.You can check your mail incredibly speedy with the mail app which is already on your phone you can add unlimited addresses on this which keeps you up to mail while on the go.The phone offers a calender which you can set reminders and notices in a virtual world.The Ovi store is automatically on your phone they offer media games ect (what you would use on your phone).There are settings which offer basic settings with a few surprises .they offer communities where you can access twitter and facebook quickly. And finally a good quality camera.

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Welcome To Poppy’s Entertainment

14 Feb

I love entertainment! And that is the reason that i have decided to make a blog so that i can share my interests with the public.I love reviewing tv programs,Movies and books but what i also enjoy doing in my spare time is crafts so you will be seeing lots of pictures and explanations about all of the things i make.At the moment im making some beautiful sock monkeys which are basically cuddly toys that look like monkeys so i will show you them when they are finished! I love gadgets and lots of new tech you will be seeing a ipad or an i phone here and there just wait and see what i have got in store for you.Finally have a look at the contact me page you will find a way to reach me eg: feedback,offering products for me to blog about. Thank You! and enjoy my blog!