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I.Pad 2

24 Feb

As you can see this is the famous apple I.PAD 2. When you first get the gadget you will have quite a few of compulsory apps.And those of you who don’t know what a app is its short for a application so games mail ect.I am now going to tell you all of the compulsory apps then i will explain in more detail about each app.Compulsory Apps: mail,music,safari,photos,i.tunes,messages,settings,photo booth,maps,game centre,contacts,calender,notes,app store,camera,reminders,news time and i books.So quite a lot there !

Ok so like i said now is the time to explain every app in more detail.Mail:You can add unlimited addresses and receive your e-mails wherever you are.Music:You can add music from your iPod or buy songs from i tunes store.Safari:This is just the apple internet.Photos:These show you the pictures that you have taken from your camera and photo booth. I tunes: This is how you buy songs to put on any of your apple devices.Messages: Because the ipad isn’t the i phone you cant ring or text people.But apple have made a app which allows you to only text other ipad or iPhone users.Settings: You can edit however many apps you have.Photo Booth: You can have fun taking pictures it has a tall squash button and many more! Maps: They are a bit like Google maps you have a street view option and direction so it is also like a sat nav two! Game Centre:Any game bought its easy access from here.There are other apps but they are obvious what they do.

This is my case which keeps the i pad resistant from getting scratched.I also have a red one but i prefer the black.It is made of leather and has a lovely strap.Look at apple website to see some of there other products and even the ipad http://store.apple.com/uk?afid=p219%7CGOUK&cid=OAS-UK-KWG-GO_UK_Sitelinks_Apple-U